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Introduced watches

zi kong

Materials and features: Movement: Men: ETA2824; female models: ETA2671 Dial: Micro-painted porcelain enamel Case: 316L stainless steel Crystal: sapphire crystal Strap: alligator strap Waterproof: 50 meters

Pursuit of the ultimate

    Special process :
    Micro-painted porcelain
            Micro-painted porcelain ceramic enamel table belongs to a process being used . Currently in the world , apart from Glashütte Mason , the enamel can only Conn independent research and development, production of ceramic enamel watch.
            Micro-painted porcelain enamel division by Conn draft design directly on the ceramic green paint according to the dial . Use a special brush to enlarge as an adjunct to high-powered microscope , a few weeks or even months carefully painting , and then figured out the perfect pattern dial with high temperature roasting, after several repeated firing and drawing , observation of color depth and gloss change until it reaches the perfect effect , be baked.
            This table also called heap carved ruby red landscape, because of the introduction of the " heap carving " process. Dial in the seemingly smooth surface , careful observation, can be found in the dial pattern mountains, there is a slight bump at the characters , like mountain after another general , the characters are vivid stereo up. Visible designer's imaginative, Conn enamel is the perfect fusion of technology and modern aesthetic masterpiece .
            Because of ruby red raw gold , raw material prices are more expensive in general . And this material hardness, ground into the desired mesh is difficult , resulting in ruby red glaze is difficult to modulate , so easy to take off when drawing pen and pattern details difficult to express . Stacking process is much higher than the general difficulty of landscape painting , because Peter could not transparent glaze , it is difficult to control , depends Conn division team enamel craft and experience to draw . When firing ruby red landscape , if the furnace is not enough, the color is easy to turn yellow , if the temperature is too high, they tend to darken the color . And baked good time to have control early second or late second, out of the dial color will say a lot of difference . So, you want to complete a heap landscape carved ruby red enamel dial , you can say the risk of difficulties everywhere, every step is not unexpected . Thus each one Conn micro-painted enamel tables are solitary in this world.

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