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Introduced watches

Blue and white porcelain

Male models Specifications Movement: ETA2824 Surface Thickness: 1.0mm Diameter: 34.4mm Dial: Micro-painted porcelain enamel Case: 316L stainless steel Crystal: sapphire crystal Strap: crocodile leather strap Waterproof: 50 meters

Pursuit of the ultimate

    Features process:

    Painted enamel

    Painted enamel, also called painted enamel, painted enamel process is one of the seven Geneva watchmaking, is the first on the dial in the metal tire burn on an opaque, resistance to deformation, no trace of defective enamel glazes for the bottom, and then painted with enamel division color paint directly on the disk. Painter to use a special stylus to high power microscope magnification as an adjunct, a few weeks or even months carefully painting, and then figured out the perfect pattern dial with high temperature roasting, so the color has been increasing, until it dazzling brilliance .

    Because each different glaze color change after heating, often requiring multiple colors with multiple firing to complete. Completed a miniature painted enamel face plate assembly of a tourbillon movement far harder on the lot, take a long time, the process has a high attrition rate, but also cultivate a painting teacher ratio watchmaker to be more difficult, these resulted in many painted enamel miniature sheet value high.

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